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How to make a Confetti Wall

Confetti walls are great because these can be used to really bring out a spot for a focal point. Not only that, but they can decorate just about anything, from faux stone, to even a table in order to give it a whimsical feel. This article will tell you how to create a confetti wall, and how to attach it to anything from faux stone to another type of surface in order to make it shine.


The first thing you’ll need are materials, which include a variety of colors in cardstock, one of those circle punch paper devices, and also a mounting putty.  To do this, you start off by grabbing the paper and then moving your circle punch over each of these and then cutting out the circles. Now with this, it’s really your choice on what type of design you want, or even a color scheme. Maybe one of the rooms you’re using this on is actually a bathroom, and you want to give the faux stone in there a more tropical theme.  However, it is really up to you, you just have to choose the design. Start to punch each of these parts, and then, once it’s done, you can then take them, and put the mounting putty on the back of these.

Now with the mounting putty, it’s important to know that a dot is a lot. That isn’t just a colloquialism, but rather, it’s the truth. A common problem many people who get into these DIY projects like to do, is they will apply a horrendous amount of putty mounting to this. For a wall that you’re putting it on, you need to only use a bit.

confetti wall2

It’s best if you know what type of pattern you’re arranging on this.  All too often, there are those that will have this whole slew of confetti ready, but then they don’t know how they’re going to do it.  When you finish up, try to arrange it into some sort of order. It doesn’t have to be exact or perfect, just make sure that you do have a good plan for what you’re doing with this. All too often, there are many people who need help with this, so do take some time and make the effort to do what you believe is best for you.

confetti wall3

You can then apply it.  Make sure they stick up there, and you’ll see that you get this done pretty quickly. You might want to put glass on top if it’s directly on a table to protect, but typically on any sort of wall, it’ll stay up there in no time, allowing you to have a great-looking wall of confetti that will make it look great.

A confetti wall is one that’ll allow you to have a much better and prettier sort of façade that will work for you.  This article showed you how to do it, how simple it was, and how you can get started with this right away.